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Why do a hair transplant with a specialized doctor and not in supposedly specialized centers?

Why do a hair transplant with a specialized doctor and not in supposedly specialized centers?

Hair loss is a condition that both men and women face and want to get rid of. But there are many doctors, and you have to make the decision who will be the doctor who will perform the operation on you.

But how will you make that decision and choose the best one for you? We spoke with the dermatologist - dermatosurgeon Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos and he gave us the points that the patient should pay attention to before choosing the doctor.

Initially, the surgery must only be done by a doctor, and specifically by the one who will examine you and judge the condition of the scalp. The doctor is the one who will judge whether or not the patient should have a hair transplant. You should not trust people who have no medical knowledge and are just promoting their services. Their goal is to make sales and not to ensure proper information, safe and honest prediction of the result.

All candidates should know that hair transplantation is not a product, it is a customized service with a different approach depending on each unique case. The choice of low-cost clinics, which most of the time operate with supposedly specialized staff, can result in a harmless operation turning into a terribly dangerous one for the health of the person undergoing the operation. And it can even make any corrective operation even more difficult.

The clinic where the operation will take place also requires special attention. Choose clinics that know more techniques and not just one specific technique. Clinics that specialize in only one technique always and regardless of each case claim that this particular technique is the best. This is because they only know this technique and no other. For this you should contact clinics that have specialized and qualified staff and doctors.

Regarding the Doctor who will perform the operation, you should know his CV and his specialization. Likewise, he must also have in his possession, the perfect technical equipment, so that such a demanding microsurgery operation can be carried out (e.g. use of stereoscopic microscopes).



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