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FUE & Micro strip Hair Transplantation

Global innovation in transplantation – A step forward in hair transplantation worldwide is the combination of the two newest techniques of FUE and Micro strip.

Each technique separately can give us the maximum number of hair follicles per case without risking shock to the area from which we receive the hair follicles (donor area) and neither to the recipient.

With the FUE technique the maximum number of follicles is 2,000 per session.

This means that in a diffuse alopecia, only a part of the scalp will cover us, with the result that the subject must return for a second or even a third session.

With the Micro Strip technique, we get 3 to 4 small pieces of skin, which are separated in stereoscopic microscopes and can give us an additional 2,000 to 2,500 follicles (depending on the density).

In this way, almost the entire scalp can be covered in one session since the total number of follicles we will receive exceeds 4,000.

The benefits we have from the combination of these two techniques are that we avoid scars and obtain a huge number of hair follicles with great safety for the grafts, as a result of which the success of the operation is considered a given with success rates of 98%.

For this, the use of stereoscopic microscopes is of great importance for the separation and processing of the grafts for both techniques, because in this way they are not injured and can thus be grouped so as to be placed in such a way as to imitate nature.

In the clinics of Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos in Greece and abroad, the above techniques are successfully applied, which are the evolution of hair transplantation.

Dr. Ioanni Papagelopoulos

Dermatologist Dermatologist

Head of hair transplant department at HYGEIA Clinic




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