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Types of female hair loss

Although hair loss has been largely associated with the male gender, it actually affects women at a rate of 40%.

Despite the fact that compared to men it is rarer, the psychological impact of hair loss on a woman is clearly greater as it is a feature directly linked to femininity.

In fact, most types of hair loss – whether we’re talking about men or women – are the result of some imbalance in our body. This is something to do with hormonal disorders, disease or other conditions such as deficiencies in important nutritional components.

The types of female hair loss are not different from male hair loss in some cases, however they do show some variations.

The main types of female pattern hair loss are listed below.

Androgenetic Alopecia (female pattern) +-
Telogen Effluvium +-
Anagen Effluvium+-
Traumatic Alopecia +-
Other forms of hair loss +-


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