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The 10 best foods to protect your hair health

The 10 best foods to protect your hair health

Eating habits affect our entire body and organism. So they couldn’t leave our hair image intact

Although clearly one could not speak of a “diet pill” that “magically” reverses the damage caused by hair loss due to hereditary causes, the research course brings to light the connection between the eating habits we adopt and the hair health and in some cases with its loss.

Thus, in several cases, while the additional intake of specific nutrients may not improve the appearance of the hair, possible deficiencies in them may lead to discoloration or hair loss.

At the same time, modern research results highlight the role of specific ingredients and vitamins in the hair growth mechanism.

Even if the landscape is not completely clear about the specific mode of action of various nutrients, what one can say with absolute certainty is that a balanced diet clearly has positive effects on the image and health of our hair.

The list below includes the 10 foods that everyone should include in their diet in order to ensure the health of their hair.

The list is divided into two topics. The following foods that have a protective effect against hair loss.

Foods that help prevent hair loss


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