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Which international footballer trusted Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos and changed his life?

Which international footballer trusted Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos and changed his life?

Change your life and boost your confidence within 4 hours! This is what 31 year old Andrei Angius, the defender of the Malta National Team did, who trusted Hair Transplant Clinic and Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos.

Angius had his hair restored by the Dermatologist-Surgeon, Ioannis Papagelopoulos and his medical team and the result justified him, since the change is impressive.

With the development of science and years of experience, Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos and the team of the first specialized clinical diagnosis and treatment of hair loss in Greece, Hair Transplant Clinic, can guarantee not only the best aesthetic result but also the best personalized treatment.

The facilities of Hair Transplant Clinic, both in Athens and in the other countries (Cyprus, Malta, Albania), meet all the necessary specifications and are specially constructed for hair transplants to take place, while at the same time they have the most modern medical equipment, so that the result of services provided to be not just the best, but to reach perfection, in all respects.

The purpose of the specialized hair transplant clinic is to offer not just good results to the client, but the best on the market.

The Micro-strip Hair Transplantation technique

Among the other hair transplant methods (STRIP, FUE) that he performs, Dr. Papagelopoulos and his medical team have been applying since 2007 a revolutionary method of hair transplantation and evolution of the strip, the Micro-strip technique.

The Micro-strip is applied to candidates for hair transplantation in whom it is impossible to receive grafts with the classic strip due to the lack of elasticity of the donor area and also in cases of a very small donor area. The experience and knowledge of the method is excellent and the collaboration with leading plastic surgeons gives each patient the expected result both on an aesthetic and functional level.







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